Mothers of Modern Ireland

About the archive

Mothers of Modern Ireland is a digital archive containing a hundred years of Irish history as told by 32 mothers - one from each county.

In 2009, three friends with Irish grandmothers travelled across the island and captured the stories of these extraordinary women.

Who made it?

Made with love by @HannahFragments, @shanepdempsey and @effisfor with @TipperaryCoCo for @DeptAHG.

Sponsors: Tom Biesty mayo, Eugene Flannery sligo, Denis Beary meath, Marion and Seamus Quinn monaghan and donegal.

Warm thanks: Berna Dempsey, Rachael Boulton, Zoe Chen,, Amandine Beaulaton, Fiona Audley, The Irish Post. Website by mono.

Read the production diary for lots more stories from the road.

Can I contribute?

Absolutely. If you'd like to submit a video, volunteer your time or money, drop us a line.