Mothers of Modern Ireland

A Restless Day In Letterkenny

2nd August 2008

Due to the spurt we had a few days ago with lining up all the last ladies, we ended up with a free day in Letterkenny with nothing to film and little to organise. A time to reflect perchance? Roaming around the streets and looking around, visiting our inside woman in Donegal, Mena McLaughlin who has helped find a few of our women up here in the wilder North West. In a matter of days, we'll be back in London looking back on a couple of months of magnificent madness. It feels so odd to have nothing to film as we've filmed nearly everyday for the last month. Maybe the eye of the storm, but I certainly feel restless looking around for what could be charged or packed away or tidied up. Roll on Antrim and the last leg of the journey

- Tom