Mothers of Modern Ireland

Peggie Mee, Limerick

6th July 2008

It's Sunday, so that means a day of rest, yes? When in Rome, no? Well, no actually, we had no rest. We were on our way to [insert current unpredictable weather adjective here] Limerick. We were meant to be filming a lady we'd first thought was very short, then very amusing, and then very short again. She had a very thick Limerick accent and she didn't like to mess from the sound of the calls we'd made to her. When we saw the lovely smiling lady waving us in to her road, we'd already been taught another important lesson in preconceptions. Peggie Mee is another absolute character, there are no two ways about it. She is warm, funny, loving and had also been up early to bake us fresh pie again. We'd been doubting ourselves as a team over the last 24 hours, doubting whether we were approaching the women with the right attitude, knowledge and understanding of the project. But these worries seem to dispel after spending more and more time with our Peggie. A mother of ten, and great grandmother, Peggie had been around Limerick long enough to tell us stories of ghosts, Protestants and Blow-ins. The dog that split in two when he was kicked, the banshee, and the local women that was jinxed that no mother would allow inside the house. This infinitely fascinating woman sucked us all into her rich world of growing up and getting by. We were also lucky enough to see our first rushes today on a television and we sat there all giggling to ourselves at the lovely Peggie and her floral wallpaper and Singer sewing machine that look like a set-designer had placed for our benefit. Another very rewarding day for the team, another beautiful women all of us didn't want to leave. Aparently, next time we're in Limerick, we're going out to do some vodka shots with 87 year-old Peggie Mee.

- Tom