Mothers of Modern Ireland

Long days journey into...

25th June 2008

Well I am not sure what we are going towards but it is approaching at a incredibly fast speed. In short we have been going through hell and back here at the office as the hire company that we were going to get our HD camera off managed to screw up our order and we are now running round desperately trying to find the equivilent replacement, which is to say the least a challenge. Tom has an inner talent for haggling and negotiations and has been rattling the ears of every hire company this side of The Equator. Hannah is still smiling and I just look cross but I suppose it could be worse. On the upside we got in contact with a riveting woman from Sligo so that is one more of our list and I am hopeful that I may be able to persuade a woman from Wicklow to take part in our film but at the moment she does not feel up to it... and yes we still live in hope!

- Shane