Mothers of Modern Ireland

Only 4 working days left

23rd June 2008

It is hard to admit that we only have 4 days left before we board that ferry from Pembroke. You could imagine that it would be chaos at this point here in the office today was surprisingly calm, I would love to say that I think this will be the tone for the coming weeks but I also know that this is simply not true. Today was a very good day though as we managed to get two more counties covered: Laois and Kildare and these both came through the same contact. We also received our first donation towards the film which was really invigorating, there is also a very good chance that some contacts in Ireland are going to come on board as Tipperary patrons. Tom and I found an amazing download from the Irish Film Board outlining some of the pitfalls of making a low budget film, it was all very exciting and the panel give some solid strong advice, I just hope they can come on board with this project as there is no doubt in mind that even if they could not back us financially their expertise would certainly benefit how we tackle this enormous task. We have now contacted all the local newspapers in Ireland so I am sure that we will begin to reach people in the next days, all depending on how many women over the age of 65 actually read the article, fingers crossed. In short its all going well and it looks like that the next days are going to be a little manic but hugely satisfying. Time will tell.

- Shane