Mothers of Modern Ireland

About the Film

20th June 2008

Ireland has witnessed enormous change over the last 70 years. As well as the huge social, economic and political changes that have taken place,there have been monumental changes in how Irish society is structured. There is now a whole generation of women who have witnessed and played key roles in these changes. We want to record their stories and finally document an Ireland that is very different to the one we know now. This generation has a huge pool of stories and memories that capture a land; slowly becoming beyond the reach of many young people today. We intend to create a record of individual stories that capture some of the changes that have occurred nationally. There is a strong oral tradition of storytelling in the older generation in Ireland and sadly this is slipping away and we want to ensure that this wisdom and life experience is not lost. By using the most up-to-date digital media we want to capture an essence of what life was like through some of the most turbulent times in our nation's history. The film will be a unique experience for all the participants and we wish to document the tales and memories of Ireland's older generation of women for the benefit of all.

Mothers of Modern Ireland was inspired by a meeting that took place in London between Shane Demspey, Director; Thomas Flannery, Filmmaker and Hannah Burke, Producer. We share a consummate passion for stories and have strong links to Ireland. There are two phases for this project. The first is to create a museum piece that would be presented to County museums around the country and would focus on the individual stories and artefacts from that particular area. The second plan is to create a feature length film documentary that will be touring the International film circuit.

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