Mothers of Modern Ireland

Hannah's THIRD attempt at a blog

20th June 2008

After two previous unsuccessful attempts to reveal the inner workings of our production company I am writing now as an utterly broken personality full of hate for cyber space, long live the pen and paper!

I am terribly jealous of my colleagues who haven't met with my misfortune although admittedly the internet today is driving every one up the wall.

Tom is pulling out his curly red locks strand by strand as he waits any number of seconds for pages to load. Shane would be but he has already shaved all his locks off. Tom won't know what has hit him by the time he finds himself in Ireland where broadband and road signs have yet to make their debut.

I had quite alot to say in my first blog, a little less in the second. Now I have little will to invest in this page as I imagine it will once again all be lost.

The production office has been buzzing all day with phone calls from the media and potential participants our map is hanging triumphantly on the wall glowing red, green, yellow and blue (everything is colour coded here) a physical manifestation of all our work to date. The chocolate is finished the chocolate chip digestives are half gone and Louis the dog is taking us outside for a breath of fresh air, one at a time just to keep us on the ball! Some one has to stay in the office to make sure the cleaner doesn't throw out anything important as she is on a cleansing rampage.

We'll be relocating to the Audi soon though it seems there is a mighty to do list to get through before we can contemplate the move.

I am going to hold my breath and press post. If this doesn't work I am giving up. I make no apologies for my absence to date on this page. It was not me it was the internet!

- Hannah