Mothers of Modern Ireland

Count down

24th June 2008

It was a long day yesterday and none of us managed to get to bed until the early hours of this morning, however I was the only one who didn't manage to make it to the office at 8am. I was unfortunate enough to open my eyes and see 10:50 glaring at me from the phone I keep tucked under my pillow (just in case!) a mad rush ensued to pull on some clothes wash the necessary areas and get to work! We are all here now working away and trying to make today as productive as yesterday was. I would like to thank those Chambers of Commerce in Ireland who have been so helpful to us so far and thank all those who signed on the dotted line yesterday including Seamus Quinn who joined our ever growing list of patrons yesterday evening. The hunt goes on though as we are still a couple of counties short of both ladies and patrons. I am wholly confident that by the end of the week we'll be in sight of our goal.

- Hannah