Mothers of Modern Ireland

Tender Hooks

25th June 2008

We are on tender hooks here while we wait for a verdict on our funding. The film is going to be created anyway but it is how that is going to make all the difference to us. I am re organising for tomorrow so that as soon as 9AM strikes we can hit those phones and start spinning our yarns. Tom can make more friends during his quest for kit or enemies depending on which way he drives them- there is a very fine line. With all fretting and hollering today it would be easy to forget that we have hit some targets and that we will be finishing .... wednesday, had to think about that then, having found another lady to film and another €900 not bad for a days work. Tomorrow however cannot bring and less than today. Not for the first time I asked myself if we have lost all sanity but I am reminded that I am not happy with life unless I am walking a tight rope. I like the chase. I have to keep this in mind. However troublesome the present situation I prefer it to boredom and banality. This is something of an experiment, how much can one gain from sheer neck and drive? How do the have nots reach the haves? How do we make this film independantly so that it can be everything we want it to be. There is no point in doing anything if it's too easy! Who wants to paint by numbers!

- Hannah