Mothers of Modern Ireland


26th June 2008

We have the kit and will be driving away with it tomorrow providing there are no spanners flying about that want to interrupt our now well oiled machine! Tomorrow the three of us will under go a crash course in digital equipment and filming straight to hard drive, which is amazing as it eliminates all the dreaded tapes! It has been far from plain sailing these last few days and I can only hope that we manage our future problems (as problems there will be!) with the same cool and maturity. Louis left us today. He cannot come on the road with us as Shane will not let him in the car and well I guess spending the summer in a hot vehical is not up a dog like Louis' street. It was quite emotional seeing the tail end of that little black dog. I look forward to seeing the front of him again. I have contacted all our munster ladies and next week is nicely sectioned out. inevitably there will be changes but hopefully it won't be thrown too much out of kilter. One thing is certain however, there will be no lunch!

- Hannah