Mothers of Modern Ireland

Lily Carew, Wexford

1st July 2008

Today saw the first full days filming of our Wexford grandmother: Lily Carew. And what a wonderful reminder of why we fell in love with this project. Lily is a remarkable woman; mountaineer, photographer, mother, tidy towner, swimmer, hostelier, the list goes on and on. Such warmth from a lady none of us had met in our lives. She took us in, she baked us pie. I felt honoured just be inside this lively house with this fascinating lady. Sam the dog vetted us on arrival and didn't like what he saw, it was only later when Lily produced food for us that he finally warmed to us and accepted us as a friend. Talking to Lily for 4 or 5 hours, we all left feeling the same thing: Time will be our biggest enemy on this production, and we have to make the nature of these brief encounters work for the film and not against it. All in all, the footage we got of Lily has already justified the importance of this project and the photos she produced alone are worth archiving for all to see. In fact, everyone was in agreement about having to go back and film more than scan all the beautiful photos she and her husband had taken throughout the years. Another aspect that emerged from the filming was reaffirming just how important it is that this "zoned-out" society we live in takes a leaf out of the oriental book and pays more attention to its older citizens. Lily was nothing short of a spring of knowledge and valuable opinion: Why aren't we listening to these women more?

- Tom