Mothers of Modern Ireland

Kerry Gold

3rd July 2008

A major part of this project entails simply covering the vast distances needed to visit people in all 32 counties. Because we don't have accommodation everywhere along the way, we have about 5 bases we cover the various surrounding areas from. So that means lots and lots of long distance round-trips for Director and Driver Shane Dempsey. Luckily, on our way from Cork to Kerry, God was looking favourably on us and decided to put on a show to remember as we passed our way through the Ring. Of course I wound Shane up about how you could get all this in America - and more - but at the end of the day, when we saw what was in front of us, all three of us had to agree with something Katherine Walsh had just told us: All the young ones today are going to Spain, Cyprus, Thailand and Vietnam to see these incredible sights, and here they are right on the doorstop and so many people have yet to visit them. Now if I could only get broadband out her in Kerry, I'd be a happy camper.

- Tom