Mothers of Modern Ireland

Catherine Mulvihill, Kerry

4th July 2008

Today the team had the privelege of meeting a lady who has living memory over 90 years ago. She's lived in America, England and Ireland and lived through two world wars; six years before she was born, it was still the Victorian era and 4 years before she was born, man flew for the first time ever; she's also the oldest lady alive in Sneem, and probably the country and she's one of the most beautiful women I've ever met. Catherine Mulvihill celebrated her 101st Birthday in April and still had the cards up in her cosy room to prove it. We didn't even know her in the morning, and by the end we'd swapped phone numbers and she was telling us to come back anytime. Words can't really do the woman justice which is why we're making a film and not writing a book, so I'll just leave this picture to say it all until we have the film captured and edited. Wait for the laugh... magical.

- Tom