Mothers of Modern Ireland

Kristina Ronan, Mayo

7th July 2008

DSC_1905.JPG Today we met our Mayo lady in Waterford, where she now lives, having had the most colourful life you could dream of. Kristina was what Peggie Mee would call a great "Tracer". She could remember every little detail of every story, even details of stories she'd been told when she was very young. I found it hard to believe this woman when she told us her age: 70 with over 40 grandchildren. The interesting thing about today's outing was for the first time being in the house with other family members. Catherine Walshe's family popped around for a lovely picnic and Emily's husband was about, but one of Kristina's son's was actually living in the house. To hear another generation talk about their mother's time with longing was great to see as Vincent, her son, began pulling a whole manner of antiques out that he'd collected over the years. In the garden were oil burners, religious icon paintings, old bikes and fireplaces. Upstairs housed Vince's collection of old house wares including a hundred year old serving plate and Rolls Royce wet shaving blade. DSC_1913.JPG We are now rotating the memory cards on the camera as we go, so we were able to capture far more footage, much faster, without having to stop for hours to transfer the captured footage. This meant stopping the flow less which meant emotional moments like Kristina explaining how she finally educated herself when she was 60 - wasn't lost due to having to stop. As a team, we seem to be hitting our stride in terms of creating an atmosphere with the interviewee, asking the right kind of questions, keeping it informal yet interesting and setting up and working the kit. At this stage, filming the Mothers doesn't seem to be the issue, it's simply getting the word out and organising women for the counties we've still yet to find. Also, keeping the papers up to date with our progress and trying to drum up funds is very difficult when - like tomorrow - we are leaving at 8:45, and not getting back until the evening on a shoot. We just have to keep moving up the beach and seeing what happens, but if we can keep the quality of the footage and story as high as Kristina today, then we'll be very happy indeed. Also a big thank-you to Vincent who was kind enough to give me a paraffin burner and Hannah a lovely coffee grinder. I have a strange feeling we'll be back to you VIncent as you are too much of a character not to have your own show. Keep your eyes peeled for Vince running his way through the 30's washing procedure at the wash basin. DSC_1889.JPGDSC_1890.JPG

- Tom