Mothers of Modern Ireland

Anonymous Bread Competition

9th July 2008

Due to an unexpectedly high response to the photo "competition" that was more of a rhetorical, ironical, postmodern kind of announcement, we've actually had to announce the winners of the bread competition being held here on the site for the last week. Some of you must be really desperate for a euro, but we also know that if you'd won, you'd only donate it back to us anyway, so we've done that for you. The answer of course was "Grinder", that magical Clonmellian institution that gets us up in the morning. Some facts you may not know about Grinder: It comes in loaves of two, stuck together. To ask for one Grinder in Clonmel, would be tantamount to blasphemy. The unique fluffiness inside is achieved by steaming. Tesco tends to slice grinder for you, which is a big no-no for enthusiasts. The winners, in reverse order: 4 & 5th Place Eugene & Michelle Flannery >> "Thomas or a loaf of bread" & "Looks like a funny loaf of bread to me" Like father, like daugher 3rd Place Catherine Walshe >> One of our fine ladies herself, on her mac I bet, telling us we live off "Wellington Bread" 2nd Place Rosanne HoSang >> Would have been first but as with all good competitions, you can't be related in anyway to the event organisers. 1st Place goes to Jennifer >> All the way from Canada and right in there with the correct answer.

- Admin