Mothers of Modern Ireland

Days to remember...

9th July 2008

I am cetainly in last place when it comes to how often I get to write in our blog. It is partially to do with with not being able to face the mac at the end of the day and partially that I dont really want to spill all the beans at this early stage but I think the former is a more dominant influence. The philosophy department of Holcombe house would certianly be entrhralled by the huge debates that Tom and I share almost religously as we pull away from our latest location. I often wind Hannah up by telling her she misses us at our most ethusiastic as she tends to fall asleep as we begin our long journey back to base. These discussions cover enormous scope including, The Recession, Capatilism, The slipping power of the Church and ethics with regard to film making and that was just in the time it took to get from Carlow to Kilkenny. My brain goes into a different mode the minute I sit behind the wheel and I tend to rant like some despotic leader who is despretely trying to achive some unatainable goal. DSC_2053.JPG Having said all this today was particularly good fun as I was greeted this morning by my mother and Tom who had managed to find 'Shaney Boy',which my mother used to sing to me when I was a troublesome two year old. The next trat was when I returned from the car during a break and the team had set up a series of buns with candles and our Carlow representative, Breda, her husband Paul as well as Tom and Hannah sang 'Happy Birthday' to me. It was such a joyous experience to be in this womans house and celebrating my birthday. I also shared another moment with my own Grandmother who is a major influence in my life. She is going into hospital on Monday and I am genuinly worried as to what will happen there, not because of the minor procedure that will take place but because of our crippled health system where MRSA now seems more common than ever before, we both talked about taking precautions as to how to avoid how the disease is spread, this is redicilous considering the apparent wealth the Irish people have accumalated in the last years and somehow we still do not consider the issue of adequate healthcare to be a priority... I am starting to rant again as you can see and I am not even driving it must be something about talking to all these women that I am really beginning to ask some pressing questions about myself and indeed the Ireland we live in today. It is essential that we constantly struggle to come to terms with our past so as to ensure that we don't continue to trail down the same old road. Tom is now asleeo opposite me and I too am starting to drift.

- Shane