Mothers of Modern Ireland

First eye of the storm

10th July 2008

We were all tired again after being up late and heading off early to film Breda, our wonderful woman from Carlow. We were tired though from filming everyday for the last 10, and driving every inch of Munster, and trying to organise more interviews, and funding. What you really need then is a good night out, some light, open-air European entertainment. Something for the weekend and all that, you need someone else to make you smile by, say, setting fire to a bike and cycling it around a human-powered Bar-cum-fortune teller's tent that rotates and a woman born from a chicken reads your fortune from an egg. That's what you really need in times like this. Which was really handy because the Belgian performance troupe, Laika, were in Clonmel as part of the Junction festival and we had tickets.

- Tom