Mothers of Modern Ireland

Breda Delaney, Carlow

10th July 2008

We met Breda's husband outside the cemetery on the outskirts of Carlow. Paul got in and told us to turn the car into the graveyard to get to the house. We literally maneuvered around tombstones on our way to Ms Delaney's house and I personally didn't know where to look. Paul kept telling us his wife was very nervous but would be ok once we got going, as he led us into his wife in the living room. What on Earth were we walking into? Thankfully, Breda was absolutely fine and was just a bit nervous about a film crew coming into her home and pointing a camera at her. Can you blame the poor woman? We have more kit than a Status Quo tour and we're complete strangers to these women. DSC_2063.JPG Breda turned out to be younger than expected, but because she had such vivid memories of her grand-mother, it was still a trove of information. Her husband Paul also turned out to be a real character also, telling us all about the red light district of times gone by in Carlow town, which was eye opening to say the least. Apparently different washing detergents left on certain windows in the town would denote various seedy opportunities. Breda and him made a great couple and it was great to see a couple bantering again. The story of Breda having to explain to Paul about the Yugoslavian their daughter had met was told with such warmth that no matter what gets said, its hard not to love Breda by the end of it. So much was decided for these women just in how they were brought up. DSC_2118.JPG On arriving home we saw Bernie Cummins' article about the film in South Tipp Today. That was nice because not only was it some much needed exposure, but the quality and vibe of the piece really captured the mood of the film we're trying to make. Hopefully we can get the text on here soon. Thank-you Bernie for a really great article.

- Tom