Mothers of Modern Ireland

Eileen Coyne, Sligo

12th July 2008

Secret Sligo Getting to

Sligo was not easy but well worth it! The journey started from Clonmel in the sunny south east on a wet morning at 12pm and ended in Grange, located just to the north of Sligo town, some five hours later. DSC_2414.JPG Eileen Coyne was the lady of the day, or the evening as it turned out to be a shoot that went on into the night, 9pm to be exact. It was a pleasure to film Eileen who is one of our youngest ladies. It was especially interesting to see how much the memories and perceptions of Ireland change in a matter of years. For instance, discipline at school would often involve a beating which most of our older ladies would have taken on the chin, their parents would not be told and had they been told there could be another slap in the wake of the first! Eileen's family who were that bit younger made it their business to relocate to another school where the teachers were not so cruel. In the course of our journey we have learned that it was rare for people to stand up to respected members of the community when they did wrong, those members being teachers and anyone of the cloth. That is not to say that all in the above catergory were abusive but when they were there wouldn't be any consequinces. I think in Eileen's tales we saw the beginning of a new departure for Ireland. Her parents were active in their childrens education and aware of their rights and because of this Eileen has a very sharp perspective on things and is unduanted by those institutions idolised by many others. Whilst with Eileen we had the pleasure of seeing the secret end of Sligo. Eileen is adamant that the tourist board have missed a trick in not promoting the north west. 'People never get north of Sligo!' was a much heard phrase and I have to agree it is a shame for those who miss out on the wonderful country side but not for those who have it to themselves! We have been invited back for a holiday, Tom has given Eileen instructions to convert her shed in to a bedroom for him and as his family only live down the road he'll probably be back to check on the progress! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures so that you can see this magical place of course things ever look the same on camera so whatever you see inserted below multiply by 10 and you'll have an idea of the beauty of north sligo. Eileen can definately expect us! After a wonderful evening with Eileen we headed to base camp for this week which is in the south of sligo. I think this week will be more of a holiday as although the weather is not improving much our accomodation is second to none. We are staying in a picturesque old farmhouse with Lorna an old friend and her handsome fiance Pierre. You will hear more of Lorna as the week goes on as we are loosing Tom to the bright lights of London and she will be helping us out, three is a good number! ?

- Hannah