Mothers of Modern Ireland


21st April 2008

The last days have felt even more manic than all the previous and that is probably because at this point we have been filming constantly for the last 22 days and there is certainly an element of exhaustion that is slowly starting to set in but the sprits are high. Sunday was our first day that we did not film a lady and it still feels like we are working at 100%. The trip from Clonmel to North Sligo was really hard work but I was really impressed by the incredible scenery along the way. It does feel bad that I have never seen this part of the world and it truly is magnificent, Sligo is a hidden treasure and I am surprised that it is not higher on the average tourists radar. Friday brought us all the way to Laois and we did almost end up driving through the river Lea which we all found not scary but hilarious. The shoot on Saturday with Eileen Coyne went really well and gave us a very different perspective on the Ireland of the last decades. Eileen gave us great insight into the world that she grew up in and was candid about the challenges and how she managed to overcome them. Tom has been back in London since Sunday night so we have been a man down but Hannah and Lorna who has kindly put us up for the week have been frantically trying to fill the big mans 'vegan' shoes. On Monday we met Maureen who although growing up partially sighted has nver let her disability get inthe way of her life and has recently been an advocate of people with disabilities in Leitrim. Tuesday we ended up crossing another boarder and into Longford where we met 82 year old Therisa who initiated me into the world of 'Boxty' which is a tasty speciality of the region. Wednesday brought us to Roscommon where we met Annie Toowey a 92 year old lady who has run the local grcery shop since the 1940's. Today brought us to Oranmore in Galway where we met retired teacher and local historian Kay Davis who has witnessed how the small village she grew up in has grown into one of the most expensive areas to buy property in the Galway region. Our internet access has really been limited in the last week since we moved away from Clonmel and since our techno wizard has been away. At long last we heard the verdict on our funding and to the huge joy of all the team we have been granted some finances to work on the film so we are due a huge celebration once Tom rejoins us on Sunday. We are meeting amazing characters on the road and we are all having a wonderful time and the stories we are collating are simple stunning.

- Admin