Mothers of Modern Ireland


26th July 2008

DSC_3372 How can I explain properly this experience? How do I transmit the depth of feeling I have for this project? When we started out we hugely underestimated the logistics of taking on such a journey and I for one hugely underestimated the effect it would have on my person. Now close to the end of the first and I expect most interesting phase I realise that I am not the same girl who left London a month ago. I am so much wiser, I am in complete awe of all the women I have met, for a plethora of reasons but mostly for just living their lives in difficult conditions to say the least. Some in poverty, some in social oppression, some in war and all of them adamant that it was not a big deal, that one does what one has to in order to survive and this battle for survival was as ordinary to them as driving to work in the morning is to us. I have come to notice a note of self pity in modern society that these women do not have because in their time there was no room for it. Perhaps that is a symtom of a spoilt people. These extra ordinary women are very ordinary to this island, it is little wonder that so many have been captured by the plight of the Irish, that so many have romanticised about Eire's people. If these 32 are a good representation of the country (I believe they are) then this was a truely remarkable population. I hope that this will inspire others to value their elders in Ireland and abroad. They are the reason that we enjoy so much security today and they have become a solid rung on the eternal human ladder. We will all become senior citizens I can only hope that I will be valued when I reach the age of these women and that I will be able to present myself and carry myself beautifully as so many of these ladies do. I have to return to London tonight and I will not have the pleasure of meeting the last few ladies. I will meet them in the editing suite and hopefully the footage will do them justice. I can't wait to be able to share everything we have gathered. I hope it will as inspiring for others as it has been for me! ?

- Hannah