Mothers of Modern Ireland

Carmel McKeown, Wicklow

28th July 2008

It very much feels like the last leg of a long journey. We are piecing together the last few counties now, and making our way to them with a sense of joy and worry. Today it was Wicklow county's turn to entertain us and it fell at the feet of Carmel McKeown to help us understand this intriguing country from one more perspective. Staying in Dublin and travelling to the surrounding locations, has been more akin to a holiday than a gargantuan documentary project. We've been to the seaside, up to see Bono and generally enjoyed ourselves whilst getting the job done. Carmel is different to the vast majority of our ladies in that she never married and never had children. This changed the interview far more than I would have thought as there was so much to be said for not partaking in that way of life and being able to offer us that different perspective: Almost that of an outsider looking-in. We only have Meath, Tyrone, Antrim and Kilkenny to find ladies for now and only a handful more to film. Its going to be strange not having this journey to wake up to, but I suppose in the sheer amount of work that needs to be done to get this project ready for people to watch, this journey has only just begun.

- Tom