Mothers of Modern Ireland

Mamo McDonald, Monaghan

30th July 2008

There is no doubt that Mamo Mc Donald is a known name in many circles and I was particularly intrigued by how much Mamo choose in her interview with to not just recount stories of her activism and struggles for womens rights but placed a firm emphasis on the Ireland she gre up in. This was very refreshing to us and I was enthralled by her experiences of living in Monaghan all through what has been known in Ireland as 'The Troubles'. Mamo has and continues to live an extremely active life and the only regret I have from meeting her is that we simply did not have enough time to truly get to know this remarkable woman. Like many of the ladies we have met in the last weeks a three hour interview is not enough to capture stories from a lifetime but I feel honoured that we are at least aware of how precious these ladies are to our soceity and I look forward to seeing other peoples reactions to their incredible lives.

- Tom