Mothers of Modern Ireland

Elizabeth 'Lil' Tobin, Meath

31st July 2008

This morning was typical in the sense that our trusted and much abused sat nav could not find the address of our Meath lady Lil Tobin, but after numerous phone calls and stopping helpful strangers we eventually found our way. Lil has an amazing out look on life and is certainly a 'Modern' mother of modern Ireland. Having spent over twenty years both in The States and England she has a very different take on the Ireland of today and was candid in her recounting of what it was like to return to Ireland in the late 1960's. Lil is a strong indepentent woman who ran her own business, a thriving B & B for many years in Trim, through this venture she has made many friends and remained in contact with many of her customers from around the world. We left Meath satisfied and made our way to our next port of call, The Ramada in Letterkenny who are kindly sponsoring the Donegal leg of our journey. We were greated by their friendly and efficent staff and promptly settled down for the night,perhaps tired but surely delighted.

- Tom