Mothers of Modern Ireland

Mena McLaughlin, Donegal

4th August 2008

We had lulled ourselves into a false sense of security and got a call late last evening that the lady we had lined up for Donegal, couldn't make it. So we had a matter of hours to find a lady the next morning as we had to get to Derry for the afternoon.

Luckily our Superwoman in Donegal, Mena McLaughlin was reared here, and she said she would step up to the plate for the cause! At an hours notice, we had a new lady to give us the Donegal story and we thanked our lucky stars once more. Mena told us many stories of ghosts, the Troubles, living in Scotland and London and meeting her husband John. Because of Mena spending a half her life in the UK, she was better placed more than anyone to compare and contrast the living conditions between the two countries. Irish immigration to the UK is such a large part of the story of Ireland that having Mena's story is extremely important.

It was another double-whammy so sadly we have to leave Mena and John and make our way to Derry.

- Tom