Mothers of Modern Ireland

Last but not least

13th August 2008 It has been exactly 7 days since we met our penultimate lady from Kilkenny Maggie Malone. It was more difficult than normal saying goodbye today as we were also parting from the project, or at lease the first phase. Maggie enthralled, entertained and shocked me and there is no doubt that she has a very clear understanding of why Ireland has changed so rapidly over the years and it certainly not afraid to say that it's all for the better, I have to agree. It is always easier to gloss over the past and somehow see it through rose tinted glasses but the facts are astounding and the picture collectively painted by these women would smear the rosiest of lenses and could easily shatter the illusion of 'grand old Ireland' into a million pieces.

Coming to the end of such a long winding road is difficult as we are all aware that this time we spent with these ladies is indeed and precious and no one can ever really truly estimate the value that these treasures have played in the creation of modern Ireland. I walk away from the camera not only humbled but I hope awakened. There is no doubt that we are on the cusp of an enormous wave and no one knows what lies in store for the project but it will be good and was the perfect project to launch our company and now editing!

- Admin