Mothers of Modern Ireland

A month back

3rd September 2008

Well it has been around a month now since we've completed the filming on Mothers of Modern Ireland. We have begun the monumental task of transcribing our 33 ladies we filmed. Shane completed Lily Carew's script a week ago and it clocked in at over 45 000 words. So that gives you an idea of the scale of the task ahead of us. We've had a great meeting with the South Tipperary County Museum, who have been the major sponsors of the project. The piece will show there once its finished and they're as excited about the final piece as we are, which is great to know. After the transcribing is done, we'll be editing each ladies script for the final piece. The interviews will stay in the entirety for the purpose of the archive, but the films we'll be showing the general public will be concentrated nuggets of each story. We also have some fantastic ideas of how to show these nuggets in a really engaging way, but that will have to be left as a surprise. More news, photos and clips will be posted when we have them...

- Tom