Mothers of Modern Ireland

And now...

14th September 2008

We have been back in London for the last weeks and have begun to take stock of our travels.

I know the phrase life-changing is often thrown around lightly, but I can only describe the experience as exactly that. It has changed how I look, and engage, with the world. On a practical note It seems that transcribing may take longer than what we first envisaged, but It is a crucial part of our documentation and will also be a written back-up of our material. Who knows, maybe there is a book in there somewhere! Mothers Of Modern Ireland is due to be launched in 2010, in Ireland, before embarking on an international tour.

Since we finished filming I have been really busy and have spent a great deal of time over and back to Ireland. As we are in the process of applying to The Arts Council for funding, I have set up numerous meetings with other directors to talk about the values of ensemble work and get to grips with International touring. I have also been busy setting up Stagecraft's work for the Autumn and, now we are offering not only theatre workshops but filmmaking classes as part of our programme. I am really excited by this point of departure and it looks like there will be a real hub of activity in Clonmel in the next months. I am back in Dublin next week as I have been invited by Annie Ryan to sit in on the final weeks rehearsal of Corn Exchanges new production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, which plays as part of The Dublin Theatre Festival. I am really looking forward to this gig as Corn Exchange practise much of the values that I am eager to explore in Fragments' work. In the meantime, I have three new plays to read that I am considering for our 2009 season, so I really have to get to it...

- Shane