Mothers of Modern Ireland

In my name?

23rd October 2008

Not in our name If "a nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members'' then the events of the last week, and the continuious disregard for the most vulnerable in our society, has truly ilumintated the reality of contemporary Ireland.

As an Irish citizen I am appalled and angered by the recent government decision to punish the eldelry by removing their rights to free medical care. The huge unity shown by the pensioners and student population sends a strong message to the Dail but the big question is will they listen?

Perhaps it is too late to revoke the decisions of the recent budget, but it is never too late to stand up and be counted, and declare 'not in my name'. I have yet to hear of any of our ladies took part in the protest, but I am certain that many would share my thoughts.

- Shane