Mothers of Modern Ireland

Ireland Inc shows what it thinks about the elderly

16th October 2008

All of the team are completely disgraced at the moment after the new Irish budget has been submitted showing disgraceful cutbacks for medical care for the over-70s. Even with Mary Harney's embarrassing u-turn the other day, it still means at least 20,000 pensioners will lose out completely. The recession was announced earlier in the year, so this marks the first budget change since then, it's a real mark of a country to see what is the first expenditure to go out the window when hard times hit. Hannah's own grandmother, who we filmed for the pilot for Mothers of Modern Ireland has been very poorly recently, luckily she lives in the UK now where the NHS is extremely lax granted, but at least an elderly woman doesn't have that extra worry of having to find money if something terrible were to happen. The 10% cut in salary the top Irish ministers have graciously proffered is a tough pill to swallow when you consider they are already paid more than nearly every other country's ministers. Comments welcome

- Tom